Monday, September 8, 2008

Hunter is growing so fast. I can't believe how big he is getting. Here are some pictures from weeks 3, 4 & 5. He is so adorable! I still can't believe how perfect he is and just how lucky Dwight & I are to have him in our lives.

Hunter started holding his head up at 2 weeks. And by week 3, he could hold it up for about 4 - 5 minutes. He is so strong. He is going to be just like his daddy.
It's amazing that even newborn clothes are too big. So tiny! We are still trying to figure out what color hair he will have. It looks different every day. In this picture, it almost looks red. My bet is on brown....but time will tell :)
He loves his "binks". He doesn't want it all the time, just when he is not hungry and has the urge to suck. For some reason, he can't keep it in his mouth. He sounds like Maggie from the Simpsons when he sucks on it. He sucks really fast, the pacifer almost pops out of his mouth, then he sucks it right back in. It's so funny.
Hunter has lost most of his baby hair and now his regular hair is starting to grow in. I can't wait to see his full head of hair. Doesn't he look like a little model in this picture?
My little man's gorgeous blue eyes.....
Wow, it's been a while since I've updated this page. A lot has happened in the last few weeks. My uncle Chuck & aunt Lynn visited us from Chicago. They stayed for about a week and it was so great to see them! I was so happy that Hunter had a chance to meet them. They both loved to hold Hunter and Hunter looked even smaller in my uncle's arms.

Thanks Uncle Chuck & Aunt Lynn for visiting us. We miss you!