Thursday, May 29, 2008

A lot has gone on this week. Dwight and I just finished our childbirth classes. The time went by so fast. But we learned a lot. We've heard everything you learn in class goes right out the window when the contractions begin, so we shall see! We started on Hunter's room. Yes, I did just say that - 9 weeks away and we just started. But everyone has been helping with the house renovations so hopefully we will be done in time for Hunter's arrival. My mom and I tried to patch some holes and learned something are not supposed to use a whole bucket of spackel on a 10x4 size wall. Who would have known?! Poor Dwight has spent the last couple of mornings sanding so we are hoping it will look ok when he is finished.

Meanwhile, we will take a break from the renovations while I decide how we will decorate his bedroom. The theme is sea turtles....with a Hawaiian flare. Now choosing the colors is the challenge. I'd like to use green & blue, but there are about 500 shades of each. Such big decisions! Here is a picture of the bed set we plan to use. Isn't it adorable?!

Dwight just left for his yearly paint ball trip this morning. He meets up with his best friend, Jeremy and about 10 other guys for a little bonding time up north. He was very excited so I will have to post some pictures when he returns.

Monday, May 26, 2008

It's been a long time since I've updated this blog page. But better late than never :) A ton has happened since our last entry. We are expecting a baby! I am now 31 weeks pregnant and our little boy, Hunter Dwight Sutherland is due July 26, 2008.
This has been an amazing pregnancy. I'm healthy and the the baby is doing great. He is growing more and more every day. Feeling his kick and him rolling around is the most amazing feeling. I can't wait to finally meet him!
Dwight and I try to imagine what he will look like and how he will act. The few things we can agree on is that 1 - he will have big feet. Sorry Hunter! You have no chance with the size feet your parents have LOL. and 2 - we think he will have Dwight's personality. He is a very laid-back baby.