Saturday, June 7, 2008

32 Weeks

Hunter is almost here! Time is going by so fast. My belly is getting bigger and Hunter is more active. Dwight is so excited to be a daddy. He will be great!

Dwight's Paint Ball Trip

Dwight had a ton of fun paintballing last week. He met about 8 other guys at Mormon Lake for about half the week. He said it got down to 30degrees up there! But that didn't stop them from paint balling in the forest from about 10am to 6pm each day. He came home with a few welts, but apparently he looked great compared to some of the others. He only was killed four times that whole time. He did manage to twist his ankle pretty good. But as they say, the show must go on so he just wrapped it in duct tape and kept playing.....boys are crazy! I think I am in trouble when Hunter arrives :)