Monday, December 22, 2008

Hunter's 1st Halloween

For Halloween, I went with my sisters & thier families to the pumpkin patch. We had so much fun. We searched around for the perfect pumpkin. But first, we had to get pictures! We took this cute picture of Selah hanging out with a couple of pumpkins, or at least trying to. The pumpkins are bigger than her! Jon & Sarah tried to get Aaron to pick out his pumpkin. They wanted to make this a tradition for him. Sarah had planned to use the pumpkin to make a fresh homemade pumpkin pie. Aaron kept picking out the sad looking yellow pumpkins....too funny! Finally he found the perfect orange pumpkin. We bought Hunter a tiny pumpkin, perfect for his size and of course we had to get one for each of us too (yes, I know, we will never grow up, LOL). By the end of the night, Hunter crashed in daddy's arms. He had a fun night with his cousins.
Hunter was a puppy for Halloween. His costume had floppy ears and a cute little tail. It was so funny but he absolutely loved wearing his costume. Everytime he had it on, he would smile ear to ear and giggle. He would snuggle with it too :) We went to our church's fall fest on Halloween night. They had fun games for the kids, raffles for the adults and even a petting zoo.

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